Wine Coolers: The Nouveau Cellar

The tiny house movement and increased apartment-style living have made the traditional wine cellar a virtual relic of the past. The new age method of wine storage, collection, and preserving are by using a quality wine cooler.

Wine Coolers: The Nouveau Cellar

True Wine Connoisseurs

Red, white, old, young, imported and domestic are but a few of the choices facing the true wine connoisseur. Not everyone is fortunate enough to live on a large estate that includes the ultimate wine cellar. Every wine enthusiast dreams of walking through a cellar filled with hundreds of bottles of aging treasured liquids gathered from all areas of the world. You can enjoy this in a limited fashion by purchasing a quality wine cooler.


The Palatable Temperature

Most wine aficionados tend to agree that 55 degrees Fahrenheit is the best temperature to serve both red and white wines. Maintaining wines at this exact temperature is made easier with the use of a wine cooler. A quality, well-built wine cellar will certainly keep wines at a constant temperature, but that can fluctuate with the seasons.


Stocking the Perfect Refrigerated Cellar

You should always purchase a wine cooler that ha more room than you expect to use. This will become an advantage when it comes time to stock the shelves. You should include some of the basics like Port, Bordeaux, and Burgundy, but feel free to experiment and add the bottles that truly capture your attention. Choose a variety of wines from exotic global locales.


Visual Presentation

In the days of old, the better part of owning a wine collection was the ability to see it and peruse the labels. A wine cooler does not allow for much of this to happen, especially the smaller models. You will still get to enjoy the variety of colors that a true mix of flavors brings.


Hedonistic Extravagance

Wine coolers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can choose a tiny six-bottle countertop cooler, or go completely insane with a built-in unit that holds hundreds of bottles. Although you will miss out on the ability to see each label individually, extra wine bottle space allows you to expand your collection and keep it well organized.

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