Three Unexpected Things to Consider When Buying a Rural Home

Almost everyone dreams of moving away from the city and buying a home in the country at least once or twice. You might think about sitting around your own bonfire at night, watching deer and other wild animals frolic in your backyard and enjoying the peace and quiet of living in the country. While living in a rural area is a good choice for some, it doesn’t fit the lifestyles of everyone. Before buying a new home in the country, you need to think about some basic things.

Power and Water

When you buy a home in the city or a suburb, you take for granted the idea that you can have all utilities turned on with just a few phone calls. Buying a home in the country may limit some of the services that you can get. Many smaller areas have cooperative utility companies that make all customers part owners in the company. Depending on how far out into the country that you move, you may need to pay for the county to install treated utility poles and run power and water lines to your home. Some properties are so far off the grid that you need to use propane or natural gas and a generator too.

Internet Service

Having the internet is a great way to spend a few hours having fun as you check Facebook, chat with friends, play games and post on message boards. You can use the internet to stay in touch with your coworkers and to work from home too. Before buying a piece of land or a home, you need to ask about the type of internet services that are available. Many rural areas only have service from one provider, which may not be as fast as you like.

Trash Pick Up

City folks know that they can carry their trash out, toss it in dumpsters and wait for trucks to come and collect it. Those who live in the country aren’t always as lucky. Some areas require that you bag your trash and take it to the county dump. Other homes have trash barrels that you’ll use to burn and dispose of your trash. You may need to use metal bins to keep wild animals out of your trash too. While living in the country can be a good experience, you need to think about the services available before you move.

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