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This blog chronicles the life and times of a married pair of nerds (one particular a computer nerd, the other in health-related college) and their one-eyed pet, Hondo. Previously, this pair of nerds had a settled life in a 200 year old home exactly where they place much enjoy and sweat into projects (some more than their head). Med school had a way of changing their life plans, so… So long old home, your walls served them properly although they lived there.

The Sherwood Chamber of Commerce will host a free of charge neighborhood wellness expo from 10 a.m. till 4 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 13 at Sherwood Forest, 1111 West Maryland Ave. The household-oriented expo will feature fitness, well being and wellness professionals.

This bottle rack may possibly have to take on a whitewash at some point…I believe. It is metal and wood, when it is painted there is no going back…The green is a bunch of mint from my garden…very best heartiest thing I ever planted, it grows like a weed and adds the most extremely scrumptious scent to my yard and property. Totally free.

in reply to shawn morgan Hello Shawn, really excellent query. To make smoked jerky you will want a temperature just under 150 degrees. The time involved will rely on the thickness of your cuts. It will run among 12 and 72 hours. The time is the primary difficulty I locate with a fire pit variety style. Unless you have people to take shifts with, you are going to be awake for a extended I typically do not like a fire pit inside a wood constructing unless it has a dirt or concrete will require some way for the air to circulate enabling the moisture to escape and a fan is a genuinely very good way of undertaking this.I would use the wire technique for hanging the meat. The fan for ventilation and a powered technique for heating and maintaining the continual 150 degree temperature. Anything with a thermostat handle would work this helps.

I am just acquiring started creating the little smokehouse and mine will be slightly distinct in dimension, the roof, and the base configuration. I got to pondering, right after you possessing utilised yours for a while, is there something major you would change? Also, do I want your permission to copy most of your design? I promise to give you full credit for the original design and style.

I am sorry but the present owners of this home have asked that it is precise location stay a secret. They do not strategy on remodeling the property but they also do not want folks trespassing on their home. By no means go ghost hunting on anyone’s house with out permission. It is illegal to trespass on other peoples property.

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