Fast Restoration Is Essential after a Disaster


Disasters take many forms in a home or commercial property, including water damage, fire and smoke and natural catastrophes. At first, it may look like you can do the restoration yourself, but there is much more to storm restoration that meets the eye. storm restoration companies have the experience and equipment to do it right the first time.

Water Damage

Broken pipes, flooding and blocked drains may cause water damage behind walls, under the floor or in the attic that is not noticeable. However, this dampness can be the breeding ground for toxic mold and other pathogens that spread through the air and aren’t seen. They can cause illness, especially to people who suffer from asthma or other respiratory conditions. This makes water damage one of the most dangerous types, and require fast clean up. Professional storm restoration companies have the equipment and knowledge to find the potentially dangerous moisture inside walls and below floorboards. Some of these areas may need replacement and some items may be beyond repair and need to be discarded.

Fire and Smoke

Storms often break gas and electric connections causing fire to flare-up inside a building or in the neighborhood. Fire also causes surface damage when it destroys property, but even a small fire may have lasting consequences because of smoke. You may be able to put out a fire yourself if you have functioning fire extinguishers, but the smoke damage will last for years if it is not remedied. Smoke will cause carpets, upholstery, clothing, curtains and other indoor objects to retain the burning smell. Professionals storm restoration companies may help remove the odor and identify articles that should be discarded.


Not all strong wind is a hurricane. Disaster can strike during a strong storm if a tree is blown over and crushes your roof. You need emergency help quickly to avoid severe water damage if the rain is leaking into your home.

Fortunately, emergency restoration services are available 24-hours a day. Professionals will come quickly to your home, assess the situation and start immediately to help get your life back to normal.

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