BSc (Hons) Architectural Style Technology

Architecture is a group-operating procedure and hardly ever a lone activity. There is usually a client and there is often an interpreter of that client’s requirements. The connection amongst client and architect is fundamental, and the establishment of a professional and trusting partnership between the two is the bedrock of each productive project.

How come a defeated Japan would embrace Western Modernism to express its reconstruction? The answer perhaps was offered to me by an atomic bomb survivor although I was visiting the Hiroshima Peace Park some years ago. I asked the old gentleman an impertinent question: What do you believe about the Americans now?” The unexpected answer was: I respect them simply because they had been the victors”.

These days considerably of our economy still remains in the hands of a privileged mostly white few as we commemorate 100 years of that archaic and oppressive law the 1913 Native Land Act most of our land is still locked in white ownership passed on from loved ones to family the greatest and most senior jobs in the private sector are nevertheless reserved for whites access to high top quality private healthcare and the best private schools are nevertheless beyond the reach of the typical black working class household in spite of our sectoral charters and amended BBBEE legislation much of industry remains either untransformed or below-transformed and nowhere are these realities much more stark than right here in the Western Cape where the DA Government has reversed each and every area of transformation that we had made as an ANC government.

Upon getting your application and needed documents, every single course leader and the Admissions Committee will evaluate your application to establish whether your degree and knowledge correspond to Domus Academy needs. They also recognize credit deficits and/or credits that could be transferred.

Nowadays, in South Africa has been found Pre-Stone age civilizations. There are, so far as it stands now, inexplicable elements of a big numbers of ruins and settlements the sheer size of the location they cover the hundreds of kilometers of ancient roads thousands of huge stone monoliths and statues aligned to many celestial and geographic components thousands of kilometers of agricultural terraces and extremely large size of the population required to construct all these structure.

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