Architecture Style Collaborative

The common BSc Architectural Style Technology course is designed to supply you with a sound information of the architectural design procedure, and opportunity to acquire the needed capabilities necessary to become a specialist architectural technologist.

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Student style projects are very carefully considered in order to create a skills base relevant to an evolving profession. They are multi-layered to facilitate collaboration with students from other disciplines and to engage with the local community and add worth to the area. The Style Studio accounts for 50% of the programme in each and every year. It is complemented by modules in Representation, Digital Media, Architectural History and Theory, Developing Science & Technologies and Professional Studies.

Space and Facilities Necessary: Flexible space preparing with proper furniture and lighting would be needed to conduct he different components of this course. Lectures and presentation sessions would be for the entire group and depending on the total number of students the space needs would need to be created appropriately. For the duration of every Module the groups would need access to lecture spaces give with audio-visual facilities as well as clear wall spaces with white soft boards for display and discussion of posters simultaneously for at least five groups. Each group would be composed of 6 to ten student participants and the class strength could differ from 30 to 50 participants every year. Each group would want a work space suitable for group processes in style considering and preferably these tables and chairs should be stackable to clear the space for group presentations that would use the wall space around the design and style space.

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Graduates operate in industrial architecture, urban style, landscape, non-profit organisations, government agencies and city councils. With this post-qualification degree, you could move on to a senior position. And the course is a excellent foundation for doctoral investigation. Several of our students go on to a PhD with us.

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