Architectural Style (BFA)

We collaborate with business partners to study options for real-planet problems, and to give our students hands-on encounter in the workplace.

However, historians have reconstructed story from chronicles written in the sixteenth century, from close to-contemporary maps, and from the stone pillars or padroes which the explorers raised on headlands along the African coast in the course of their voyages, and from old rutters (sailing instructions). The route-book of Duarte Pacheco Pereira has been especially valuable. Pereira wrote the Esmeraldo de Sito Orbis, in which he records his personal adventures on the Guinea coast. He wrote from direct encounter simply because Diaz rescued him in 1488 on his return voyage after the discovery of the Cape of Good Hope.

Interview Days are a great introduction for each parties. We like to speak to you in individual about your perform and aspirations, while also having the opportunity to show you about the college and its facilities – they will, after all, play a central function in the next 3 years for these whose applications are profitable. The identical is true of Cardiff itself, so interview days make an perfect chance to expertise the city and hear all about what it can supply you as component of student life.

In 2014 he spoke on a panel with Dr. Koon (Shell’s best political analyst) in Thailand, at the Future Cities campaign, in front of some of Thailand’s ministers. He is now recognized as a futurist in regards to future urban preparing and lays art and quality of life at the forefront of any city improvement.

In the second box, he was amazed to see the fossilized cast of a tiny brain on leading of the pile. It belonged to the Taung Youngster, and was a single of the most remarkable scientific discoveries ever produced. The Taung skull was tiny adequate to gift in the palm of a hand, and it was that of a 3 or four-year old youngster and smaller sized than a contemporary human of the exact same age. It had little canine teeth, and the position of the foramen magnum, exactly where the spine joins the base of the skull, showed it walked upright – two distinct differences from true apes.

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