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Our Floating City Project – Architectural Style Contest held in the Spring of 2015 was organized in partnership with DeltaSync (Netherlands) and judged by an international panel of professionals (see bios below).

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Following da Gama’s completion of King John II’s orders, in 1495, King Manuel took the throne, and the country revived its earlier mission to uncover a direct trade route to India. By this time, Portugal had established itself as 1 of the most strong maritime countries in Europe.

All of these recommendations are so helpful. Where to hang the picture, not bright adequate lighting and wall colors.. we did pick colors that have been softer tones at least and they worked nicely. My preferred colour was known as wedding cake and no matter what you place in the area, it took on that colour and was perfect. I attempt not to place my seating furniture up against the walls unless it is a reading or specialty corner. Pinning this.

This page is amazing! I really like the super clear explanations of the logic behind the designs. I feel like I can come up with my personal now (right after I practice with some templates, thanks for those hyperlinks)! This is Specifically what I was hunting for.

Though white walls are extremely appealing to some of you, obtaining no color on the walls often makes a area appear cold and uninviting. It also tends to make it really difficult to decorate. If you have to use pure white, use it for trim, fabric, or accessories with a colour or even a light neutral shade on the walls.

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