4 Major Items to Look for With Customer Testimonials and Home Remodeling Contractors

Gathering positive customer testimonials and references will help you narrow down your search for the right home remodeling contractor, but there a few basics to keep in mind when doing so. You want to develop as honest and recent of a picture as possible in order to make the right choice. Below are four areas to research well to help find the perfect contractor.

Are all references recent?

Customer testimonies and references should all include a healthy number of recent projects. You need to feel confident that the contractor is able to handle the tasks in the here-and-now. An older large job might be good to show the scope of their work, but you want to know that they have the ability to satisfy customers today. A lot of things can change over a few years.


Are there any pictures of similar projects available?

Each contractor will have a different style and approach to a project. See if there are pictures to peruse that show projects that are similar to what you are looking to have done. Pictures often say more than positive words can. You may find that a particular remodeling contractor does not suit your style, or find one that will exceed your expectations.


Will the company do the work, or will it be subcontracted out?

You may contact a contractor that offers glowing testimonials and provides pictures that are outstanding, but will they actually be doing the work? There are many contractors that end up subcontracting the work. You will have no idea of the quality of the work of the subcontractor. This is a dangerous situation to place yourself into. You could end up with work that is not of the standard you hired the professional to do. It may be more difficult to get the project fixed to your specifications.


How much dedicated time will they give to your project each day?

Most contractors stay busy. Very few have a lull in their schedule. You should find out how much dedicated time they will give to your project on a daily and weekly basis. Will they be able to reach the timeline goals that are set? You do not want a project to drag on for months or even years.


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